Here at Fuller Paints we stock a wide range of different Traditional and Classic styles that continue to be favourites for masculine, elegance, and classic restoration projects.

The rich jewel tone colours plus the basic browns, grays, and blacks deliver the mainstays in hues while stripes, leaf scrolls, classic & architectural elements are common motifs. Textile designs like damask, moire, tapestry, foulards are often replicated in wall coverings. A Transitional style combines traditional with contemporary and provides a more modern look to this timeless decor style.

We also supply wallpaper for children rooms Decorating a child's room which involves wallpapers, borders, or wall murals. Wallpaper can add colour & design topics that reflect your child's personality.

Wallpapers are also easier to mask fingerprints and colour crayons marks than paint !

There are many new wall mural and mural accent products that let you customize your own look - a tree house perhaps? Our selection offers many patterns for babies, toddlers, youngsters & teens

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